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Orla Gartland Interview

How did you get started singing and how old were you?

  • When I picked up my guitar age 12. Never had singing lessons or studied music properly, so there was no official start, but I’ve always liked singing really.

How would you describe your music to others?

  • A bit of pop, soul and folk all jumbled up together and set to an acoustic guitar!

You’re only fifteen, yet your lyrics are so mature, where do you get inspiration from and could you explain your songwriting process?

  • All of my original songs draw inspiration from real life events that either I’ve encountered, or somebody close to me has. I think it’s much easier to write about an issue or feeling that you know something about, not that you’re detached from. When writing a song, I can’t just sit down and decide to write one, it’s only when I’ve got either a lyric or tune in my head can I sit down, grab a pen and let it all flow out!

Who do you look up to musically?

  • Bands that create their own personal, indefinable genre of music. To name a few; Jay Brennan, Kings of Leon, and Mumford & Sons

As a musician, where do you hope to see yourself in five years?

  • With some recording under my belt, which hopefully people will be downloading! I’d love to do some really big gigs too, perhaps some sort of tour if I had the support to make it happen.

What is your dream venue to play at?

  • Hmm, Wembley Stadium maybe? Might as well dream big!

If you could tour with anyone who would it be?

  • Mumford & Sons, without a doubt. They are gods!

What’s a random fact about yourself?

  • I can speak English, French and Irish!

Who has had the biggest impact on your life?

  • Bit corny, but definitely my family.

What is your favorite song(s) right now?

  • Cooler than Me, by Mike Posner. Not the type of music I’d usually be into but there are some really cool, jazzy remixes and covers of it out there, what a tune!

Any hidden talents?

  • I’m pretty good at art. Some consider it a talent but no matter how much I try, for the life of me I cannot roll my tongue!

Who is your celebrity crush?

  • Ashton Kutcher!

Any hobbies besides music?

  • I’d like to say I’m sporty but i’d be lying! I play a small bit of tennis and camogie, an Irish sport. I like drawing but I’m not as into it as I once was. I spend most of my weekends just hanging out with my friends really.

What’s your favorite movie?

The Hangover!